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  • What technology is your company using for contactless solutions?
    We are giving our clients two options in our contactless solutions. They can either use our Facial Recognition Technology or go with the QR Code. Both technologies are highly accurate and reliable.
  • Are the solutions fully contactless?
    Yes, our solutions are completely contactless. You do not have to touch any device surfaces kept at the premises to complete the sign in or sign out process.
  • Can the solutions be integrated with CRM, ERP, HRMs and other software?
    Yes, our software is fully capable of integrating with any third-party software as long as they are ready to open APIs.
  • What is the accuracy of face recognition technology?
    In most cases, the system turns out to be 99% accurate for the detections. Some external conditions may cause minor delays in the process.
  • What hardware do I need?
    Any Android hardware device with the latest version of Google Chrome works best for the software.
  • Where is the technology made in?
    Our technologies are entirely MADE IN INDIA. The dedicated team of engineers put their heart in developing and providing high-quality services.
  • Is the data available 24*7 or is there any limitations to access it?
    Yes, the data gets stored on a private cloud. The owner and authorized person can fetch the data anytime and anywhere they want.
  • Is the solution limited to certain sectors or industries?
    No, our solutions serve all sectors. We are currently deployed at marquee brands across industries.
  • Is the support available Pan India?
    Yes, we provide 24*7 support system pan India and for our Global clients.
  • What are the channels of distribution?
    We sell directly to the end client and if you are interested to be our distribution partner please write to us at info@1upvms.com.
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